Evolution Products focuses on providing innovative sustainable packaging for the wire and cable industry. We have spent years perfecting the Reduction Reel line, working to improve its endurance, thus allowing it to be used multiple times. Key benefits from the Reduction Reel include fewer purchases of wooden reels, reduction of physical inventory, better utilization of warehouse space, reduction in shipping, ease of material handling and reduction in their disposal costs and carbon footprint. The reel, developed over the last decade, is four-part heavy duty reel that is easy to assemble and collapse for consolidated shipping and storage. 

For decades, the wire and cable industry has struggled with wooden reels, as they take up valuable warehouse space and are a major cost to transport and dispose. We have developed an expanded product line of returnable breakdown reels that give you the ability to save money and regain valuable warehouse space.


Our diverse line of breakdown reels and spools give you a sustainable alternative to the traditional ways of packaging wire and rope. With unmatched engineering and forward thinking, we are revolutionizing the wire industry with a cost saving returnable reel program. From our unique, light weight Flex-Reel to the heavy-duty Corrugated Reel, we can customize our products to fit your application. View our spec sheets or contact us for more information.






Feel free to download our literature to share with other members of your team. Our spec sheet lists benefits as well as product details on our Reduction Reel.  We also provide a PDF of our recommended return packaging program. Each step is explained along with pictures to give you an accurate description on how easy it is to package your product. 


Ask us about customizing a reusable breakdown reel for you!

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Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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